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We help mortuary transport companies and funeral homes eliminate excess time spent on decedent tracking efforts, saving at least 30 minutes per case. 

The initial process of collecting the deceased requires a special team to focus on the decedent, not be weighed down by handwritten paperwork and duplicate data entry at each step.  

Decedent logistics and document management tools providing the best user experience in decedent transportation.

Know before you go!

Invoice Faster

Manage Removal Techs Easier

Manage Priorities

Manage Status Updates


Track Personal Effects

Log Handling

Funeral Homes and Hospice facilities "First Call" may not require a call at all.

When should the custody of an At-need case start?  We think it should never have stopped.  From the time the decedent is at hospice or the place of death.  Why would there be a break in that chain?   

MorTrack assists third party Removal Companies,  Funeral Homes, Hospice entities continue this custody without confusion or extra steps.  


Already have a "Front of House" CRM or "Pre-Need" platform?  We can connect with that too.

Where custody and document completion aspects of your company are concerned. Show your families a seamless transition from flatline to procession line.

"I'm able to reduce my delivery-site time by 35 minutes per case using MorTrack!"


- Scott S.  

Transportation Services Provider


Growing a business is not for the faint of heart.  Add the complexities of the death-care industry along with finding people to face their own mortality every day, takes a special person.

The role of a dispatcher is fairly straightforward; Field incoming requests, see who is available, then who is closest.  Now add in the dynamic of contract requirements, who has the right equipment available to do the collection, and so on, and so on.  


A similar instantaneous considerations and reactions is required to take place for a one person owner/operator.  As well as for a team of administrative staff.  Both have to ensure the user experience is the same and the job is done as quickly and efficiently as possible.     

Color coded dispatch screen for fast and error free assignments

MorTrack brings the systems and processes together to manage cases by one person or at scale. 


  • See accurate removal tech locations

  • Drastically cut down on calls or text messages to update status.

  • View current vehicle load & capacity

  • One button assignment

  • Automated Removal Tech alerts

  • Documentation is already partially completed before the Removal techs are even on site.​


Receive alerts of new pending requests and assignments.

See your assigned pickups and drop-off locations

View turn-by-turn directions to get you there quickly and safely.

Confirm pickup and delivery with the click of a button.

Easily add additional notes to each pickup or delivery.

Capture information about collected personal effects.

Confirm pickup and delivery with the click of a button.

Easily add notes and photos to each pickup and delivery.

Finish the custody trail by collecting electronic signatures and emailing a receipt to the receiving party.

Designed for mobile devices.  Users can use their finger to sign documents.

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How often does your team take calls from funeral homes or families, requesting the status of a specific decedent?

MorTrack can save you hours per day,

yet still offer a personal touch.

Funeral Home clients have a dashboard that they have access to review limited case statuses. While you retain control over assignment and priority keeping your team as efficient as possible!  

Families don't want to be constantly texted or emailed statuses or need to search for emails with forms to complete.   


Travelling or mourning relatives want to know status - but in 99% of cases they don't benefit from knowing a literal location.  MorTrack gives you the ability to offer basic custody information that saves Funeral Homes and transport companies hours of time evert day!​

Benefit from MorTrack's Integration and Association Alliances.

Take a deeper look into what Mortrack has to offer. 

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Dispatcher Environment





Removal Tech Experience




We feel that a return on investment (ROI) is more than a singular benefit marked by a financial metric.  ROI must also consider; employee retention, customer experience and speed and accuracy of invoicing. 

Be More Available, with MorTrack!

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You Also Benefit from MorTrack's Integration and Association Alliances.

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