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Administration and Accountability

It's lonely at the top.  Running removal crews while managing client expectations requires a complex balancing act.  Keep a keen eye on the customer experience while ensuring efficiency and expenses are under control.  

  • More efficient case completion

  • Share documents with much less effort

  • Account for costs as they incur

  • Increase day-to-day case capacity

  • Itemized billing with mileage calculations 

Easily Share Case Information with Your Team

Quickly see your team’s assignments, locations, and status on one screen. Receive, review, and assign cases in seconds while offering controllable feedback to your funeral home partners automatically. Making it easy for everyone to be on the same page and show a united show of force.


Provides organized reports for invoicing. Use your time effectively by not losing billable hours or wasting time retyping the same information repeatedly. Easily export into Excel or other software for reviewing and uploading into your accounting software. You can review real costs associated with a case, calculate mileage for reimbursement and overage, and bill clients for consumable usage. This also assists in building long-term business relationships with your clients.

It's All About Status

Keeping partner organizations in the loop on case details is a complicated yet delicate balance.  It's important to show the case status but maybe not exactly where your removal techs are at any given moment.  Keep control of how your team conducts business while offering external parties access to gated case information.  

Manage Pending Approvals and Required Paperwork

Increase capacity and limit onsite drama while maintaining a professional appearance by automating the completion of the "right" documents every time. Manage different contracted rates or fees based on whom you are representing for each collection. Also, choose to include loaded mileage and products consumed for each case to ensure your customers see the value you provide day in and day out.

Employee Efforts and Compensation

Employee compensation is the most expensive cost for any organization. Every employer has different rates, agreements, and guidelines set by or imposed upon them to hire and keep employees. MorTrack can assist with the day-to-day efforts and output of each Removal Tech by setting compensation using a matrix of options, such as: by case, by mileage, by mileage over a minimum distance, and whether the RT was the primary or helper on a case. Plus many other options.

Avoid Burnout and Turnover

Some say employees today are more sensitive than they used to be.  How that may be true, the real issue is employees choose to work for leaders they can trust and that have their best interests in mind.  MorTrack has created an alliance with the Funeral Professional Peer Support organization to bring mental health to the surface where management can address situational and environmental issues sooner and create programs to protect employees from emotional fatigue that often leads to expensive employee turnover.  

Identify Inefficiencies

​ Inefficiency costs companies 20-30% of their revenue every year (according to research firm IDC).  When it comes to the administration process design.  Use MorTrack to identify workflows that can be improved or removed, allowing your team to shift human resources to the frontlines of organizational growth and client interaction.

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