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Dispatch Your Teams

Dispatch cases, operate and relay time-sensitive information with removal techs wherever they are.

View case details, assign and review documents before the vehicle has even left the pickup location. Manage your team on our easy-to-use platform.
MorTrack provides a single hub for all your removal tech operations.

Confirm Acceptance of the Case

Find the closest removal tech, see their caseload, then assign the most appropriate resource.


The assigned tech is notified by an in-app notification where they can accept or decline the case and will alert dispatch appropriately.

Maximize Productivity

Save time, and ensure the quality of information collected is of the highest level by eliminating handwritten forms.


Navigation aids provide your removal techs with the most efficient travel routes, lowering fuel costs and maximizing loaded time on the road.

Track, Anticipate, Monitor

Removal tech geolocations are reported every 2 minutes while the removal tech is logged in, providing better visibility to balance the workload.
Combine trips while keeping mileage tracking independent for each case.
Removal techs can focus on their role and the decedents' families, not the paperwork or logistics.

Communicate with Clients

Providing decedent status in real-time for funeral homes and families only improves your reputation. Decedent information is available at a glance and can be accessed at any time to offer the most up-to-the-minute feedback to your clients.

An RT's Day In The Life with Mortrack

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