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Funeral Homes

For Funeral Homes, MorTrack provides tracking, tracing, and chain-of-custody from the first call. All that is needed is an input of the case information from the first call. MorTrack takes it from there, reducing the number of texts and phone calls, and providing visibility through every step until the decedent is delivered to the funeral home.

Traveling or mourning relatives want to know their status - but in 99% of cases they don't benefit from knowing a literal location. MorTrack gives you the ability to offer basic custody information that saves Funeral Homes and transport companies hours of time every day!

Control Case Information

As a funeral home, if you use MorTrack or contract with a transport service who uses MorTrack, you'll receive consistent and legible case information even before the provider has delivered the case.   

Customer Confidence

Customer confidence is heavily weighted by your customer’s perception of; attitude, efficiency, consistency, and reliability. A deficiency in any one area can cause your client to become critical of your offerings. One way to ensure clients’ confidence in a funeral home’s services is to provide undeniable proof of the loved one’s journey.

Time Stamp of the Process

Time and resource management is the most important part of growing a successful organization.  Processes that reduce efforts, combine manual or repeatable tasks all save time and as a result save or make you more per case.

Chain-of-Custody and Personal Effects

The chain-of-custody starts before the decedent is ever collected.  Receive information once using electronic processes to ensure the time spent with each case is focused on the soft skills of human interactions.  Leave the documentation, personal effects cataloging, and chain of custody logistics documentation to us.

A Day In The Life for Funeral Homes using MorTrack

Enter a New Case
See Case Status
Upload documents
Share documents
Archive case data or sent to your CRM system
Share Documentation

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