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MorTrack and FuneralCall Announce Integration Partnership

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Littleton, CO - MorTrack, Decedent Tracking Software and FuneralCall, The Funeral Home Answering Service, Announce Integration Partnership to expand digital integration capabilities across the first-call decedent process.

The integration between the two partners provides users with the ability to streamline the at-need first call process with digital forms and streamlines the decedent information to accelerate the process of decedent pick-up to final destination drop-off.  The collaboration will accelerate the decedent journey by pre-populating forms with the information needed for on-site pick-up, transportation and final delivery, providing tangible time savings in the process.

Reid Hanson, MorTrack CEO commented, “The integration with FuneralCall is bringing case transfers into the future. Our two teams have worked together on this integration to create an effective process for mortuary transport teams and removal techs to have accurate, detailed information, and when on the scene, present a professional, knowledgeable presentation.” 

Christy Church, FuneralCall Programming Director said, “When FuneralCall receives the first call from the funeral home, we simply input the information into the preselected digital forms.  If the client is using MorTrack, they no longer need to answer numerous questions or phone calls, the information automatically FuneralCall shows an alert on the dispatch screen assigns the case to a removal technician and the decedent journey begins.

The benefits of the partnership to the industry include:

  • Pre-populated required forms and easy to read information

  • Easy time savings process for both parties in dissemination of information, no texting or phone calls necessary, automatic case information/upload/assignment into MorTrack

  • Automatic new requests sent through MorTrack to the mortuary transport team(s)

  • Pre-populated forms, including state mandated forms with more accurate information, allows for the decedent to reach the final destination quicker

  • Streamlining the process between steps in the decedent removal process which allows better communications between teams and those they serve


About MorTrack by Cairnstack Software LLC

MorTrack, a cloud-based mortuary transport software designed to manage critical decedent information, custody status and real-time tracking technology while providing access using any internet-connected device. 

MorTrack offers an API platform that allows it to integrate with other major funeral industry providers such as FuneralCall.  The company can create custom solutions for clients and provides actionable processes that will improve their customer experience and boost profits.


About FuneralCall

FuneralCall is the premiere answering service exclusively serving the funeral industry for over 30 years. Receptionists are professionally trained to provide the highest quality customer service for clients and their families.

What makes FuneralCall different? People. The company is family-owned and operated here in the United States, all of the Receptionists are located and trained on-site, and pricing is all-inclusive. With FuneralCall, callers will never know they’re speaking with an outside firm – and they will never reach a voicemail or a phone tree.

For more information please contact:

Emily Wilkins


Joan Carter


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