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What hardware is recommended for a successful launch? 

1. A desktop computer for initial setup, dispatching cases and ongoing reporting.

2. A smartphone or tablet with persistent internet connection for removal techs in the field. 

For Dispatch and Admin users:

​For the best ongoing experience we would recommend admin and dispatch staff to use a desktop or laptop PC or Mac computer with a persistent internet access.  This workstation doesn't need to be fancy. However the more technicians and cases you have going at one time will increase the load on each workstation.  We find that a PC with at least 8 GB of RAM available above the baseline operating system requirements will serve you well.

MorTrack is designed with the Google Chrome web browser in mind. While you can access the web app via other browsers, Others may not be fully supported and may have reduced functionality or inconsistent behavior.

​​​MorTrack can be viewed on most common monitors sold within the last 7 years.  The resolution for the best experience would be using a 1920-by-1080 (Full HD or 1080p).
Smaller monitors or laptops using 1366-by-768 will function as well yet may inadvertently partially hide menus or functions depending on your text size or zoom settings.  

Internet Connectivity:  

With devices today,  many are already connected to the internet by internal cellular cards.  However we have many clients who use mobile devices in tethering mode or vehicle mounted wifi devices as a hot-spots. 


Contact us to talk about other carrier services we can help you gain access to as last responders.  Get always-on priority access to voice, data, and text. This means you will have priority over commercial traffic on the cellular network.  And save 25% on your monthly cellular fees at the same time?

MorTrack is built to use your mobile battery and data plan as sparingly as possible.  In order to provide location services to dispatch, timely case assignment workflows, and track mileage your device may need to get a recharge on a long day in the field.  Let us know and we will send you an automotive USB charger free of charge.  

Removal Tech Users:

​Depending on your organizational structure and current vehicle set up.  We have found that Removal Techs utilizing an internet connected or tethered smartphones such as an Apple iPhone 8 or newer, or an Android Galaxy S8 or similar smartphone, will work fantastic. 
If you prefer larger screens for collecting signatures or want to have larger fonts for "more experienced" eyes.   Many companies also use Apple or Android based Tablets, using a  with a 8" or larger touchscreen work best. 

This minimum screen size is to ensure users can see maps, driving directions, decedent information, and contact numbers as needed while on the move. 

Identifying Decedents: Onsite and In the field

​Identifying decedents can be accomplished in several ways. Some choose to print ID tags or wristbands before leaving the office.  Some use hand written tags, and others still utilize a hybrid approach.  MorTrack can work with your existing ID workflows to augment the process and keep track of many cases at a time. 

​Identification options: 

​MorTrack offers many options for decedent identification. Including the use of existing hospital ID bands, Unique QR codes from third party systems, cremation slugs, and hybrid QR ankle/wrist bands with space for handwriting or a combination of all of the above.  

Scanning any one of the ID tags assigned to a case will return the case specific details.  


There is also a print driver within MorTrack to print tags, The default printed tag is 4”x2” label that can be printed by any standard roll label printer. The printed label includes information such as:

  • Internal unique tracking identifier

  • Decedent's name

  • Date of birth

  • Date of death

  • Your company name

This label is able to be printed out when the decedent New Request form is completed. These are best used when the driver making the pickup of the decedent is present at a central location or office with a printer. 

Another option is utilizing a pre-printed wrist/ankle tag, MorTrack will supply you with standard vinyl ankle tag with a QR and human readable code already printed on the tag. These Vinyl tags include additional white space to hand write information as desired. Using the MorTrack Driver app, the driver will be able to simply scan to attach that tags ID to the decedent record.

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