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​Unlock Your Removal Service Business's Full Potential with Mortrack Software

One simple software to help you eliminate paper, be 30% more efficient every day, and provide the best service possible to your clients and community.

For Funeral and Removal Professionals

Increase Clarity and Visibility

Mortrack's smart notification system helps increase clarity and visibility by alerting users of new pending requests, which limits unnecessary time on site and reduces the risk of exposure, making it a highly efficient and secure platform for managing decedent case load.

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Customer Confidence

With Mortrack, you can increase client confidence and trust by providing undeniable proof of the loved one's journey through the comprehensive documentation and tracking features, creating a transparent and reliable system that enhances the overall client experience.

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Get Full Transparency

The Mortrack mobile app enables you to stay on top of your decedent case load in real-time, providing secure access to important case information, progress updates, and critical alerts from anywhere, at any time.

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#1 Logistics, Tracking, and Customer Service Software For Funeral and Removal Professionals

You’re helping families with some of the most difficult periods in their lives. Removal technicians are the first-responders representing your business.
How they show up and get the job done, with care and compassion, significantly influences how your business grows or declines.
From our 17 years of experience, your time on site is the most important factor to your business success. 
With Mortrack you can save an average of 30 minutes per case! If you’re doing 5 cases per day that is saving over 2 and a half hours per day per removal tech. 
How much is that worth to your business?

For example: You receive a new case and with a glance you can see your removal tech locations in real-time. 

  • This gives dispatchers more information to assign the case to

  • the most appropriate RT and vehicle.

  • This allows you to respond as fast as possible.

  • Saves mileage, fuel costs, wear and tear on your vehicles.

  • Your technician also receives full case details, turn-by-turn directions to the property, and critical information regarding the case when they need it.

“Imagine a case with an obese decedent. With Mortrack you’ll be able to send the most appropriate drivers and resources to be prepared with lifting assistance that will show the highest level of dignity with the least amount of management effort.”

This alone will save you hours per month.

Once your tech arrives at the pick-up site

  • The technician arrives with a simple phone or pad versus paper making a modern and professional impression. 

  • On the screen, a predefined step-by-step process assists technicians to breeze through the process.

  • Noting conditions and documenting personal effects with just a few taps. 

  • Everything is documented, cleanly, clearly, and electronically archived for future review..

  • Include notes and photographic evidence of the entire case.

  • No more paper. 

  • No additional effort to decipher handwriting.

“No more sitting in the car for hours filling out duplicate paperwork on each case.”

All case information is stored on HIPPA compliant secure servers offering complete accountability throughout the entire movement process.

Save time, money, and headaches by completing your cases with Mortrack and the full reporting suite. 

  • Include collection and delivery time-stamps,

  • Loaded and unloaded mileage, 

  • Products used in the case. 

  • Set rates independently for each driver.

  • Bill for mileage, as well as account for overage fees and multiple RT’s required on individual cases. 

And the best part, you can export to your favorite accounting or billing software. No more manual data entry. No more spreadsheets.

Save hours per week on client billing alone.

Finally, offer your funeral homes a portal to receive documentation as you release cases.

  • Branded portal for your funeral homes to enter new cases on their own.

  • Receive filtered updates on case ETA’s and any special information.

Your clients will find doing business with you a pleasure and you’ll quickly be known as the best service provider in your area.

Save time and money by completing the cases with Mortrack using the full reporting suite. 

Your business will grow when you foster good habits and focus your efforts on care and compassion over documentation and custody management.

Mortrack is the only software application created specifically for the deathcare logistics portions of your business.

Mortrack will help you make a great impression, save time, be more profitable all while reducing liability.  

Get away from a mountain of paperwork and at the end of the day, make your life a little bit easier.

We would like to invite you to learn more about how Mortrack can help you become the “go-to resource” for timely, consistent and reliable removals in your area.

Schedule a personalized walk-through with one of our specialists below.

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