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Generous in alliance with MorTrack now offer an even easier way to distribute links for families to donate in the honor of their loved one.

Funeral homes and service providers can now incorporate status update pages with automated memorial donation links starting at "first call" or "at-need".


One link provides a simple and friendly user experience 

Families can simply scan the ID bracelet or QR code assigned at the time of collection.


Families are offered information about movement status that saves them from calling to check in.

Next-of-kin check in this page an average of 3 times from the time the deceased was removed from the place of death, till they can see them again at the funeral home after the preparation work has been completed.

QR codes can be shared with the family and friends offering more chances to spread the word about what the deceased was passionate about.


The survived can now start donating more and sooner.

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Transportation Services Provider

"Think of like Amazon, Amazon track packages with a scanner. Well, we kind of want to do the same thing with with the deceased so that way, we know exactly where they are at all times."

- David W.  

Owner, Funeral Services

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