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Decedent collection is all about timely, mobile information for the driver.  

Empathy, and professionalism are required -
Paperwork doesn't have to be.

When dispatch assigns a case. The assigned driver is alerted on their mobile device. 

Drivers can see the most important things they need to know right on the assignment screen.

The assigned driver can choose to accept the assignment or elect to decline the case.  Declining a case requests an explanation that alerts dispatch automatically, so they can take appropriate action to ensure the case is managed on a timely basis.


A click of a button and dispatch knows the case has been accepted by the driver. 

Turn-by-turn directions using up-to-the-minute mapping by Google. Drivers are offered the best route possible.    

Quick access to call or message a collection contact keeps the drivers eyes on the road.  


Knowing what to expect is key! 

  • See what personal protective equipment is recommended

  • How many flights of stairs they may encounter

  • Not having the right resources for the case.


  • Limit exposure, and unnecessary time on site that can lead to things going wrong.  


Decedent collection location and contact information
Mobile map for the driver for decedent collection
Decedent Collection information on mobile device
MorTrack Mobile View Driver assigned decedent collections

From the start, verifying the decedent information with documentation is a must.  The added step of attaching a visual wrist or ankle bands offers more than just traceability.  It sets a cadence of traceability and compliance with wishes and preparation requirements made by the Next of Kin. 

MorTrack offers, pre-printed/hand print hybrid ID bands as well as a "print-on-site" ankle or wrist ID bands to utilize your existing tags or wristband stock.   

MorTrack wristband to identify the decedent
Decedent tracking band printer
Decedent tracking  and collection personal effects inventory

Complete the transaction with an electronic signature of the releasing party that instantly emails the funeral home that a collection has been made. 

Android phone
Mortrack decedent tracking and collection delivery signature

Drivers and support staff can now have an additional level of security and a new level of professionalism. 
MorTrack ID badges are 30 mil thick PVC plastic with your company contact information permanently printed with site verifiable security features.  

In addition, MorTrack ID's offer:

  • Super fast mobile app login 

  • Shows professionalism and perks that are usually offered to first responders.  

  • Match your company branding and colors*   

                                               *Custom badge design fee applies 

Mortrack ID badge for employees
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