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Designed for teams, built to scale

Enterprise software today can be a slippery slope.  It's much more than just a few reports that separates a mom and pop shop from a fortune 500 organization with locations around the country or globe.  MorTrack and MorTrack plus are built on architecture designed to scale.  Organize teams by region, brand or use case.  Assign users to a single location, 10 different and specific locations, to regions or see everything.  


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Designed for teams, built to scale

Regardless of how your organization is defined.  MorTrack can be molded to your needs.  Common Enterprise hierarchy is defined by:

  1. Use case (transport division, services division, etc)

  2. Physical Location

  3. Area (City or county)

  4. Region (Southwest US, Northeast US, etc.)

  5. Enterprise Wide (All locations- Nationally, globally, etc.)

Sample Enterprise use case:

An example use case of Mortrack and MorTrack Plus is visualized in the map above showing 3 regions across the United States.    Each region defined by the colored pins 

An example of one of the regions is the "North central and western US" with 4 physical locations. 

Each location has a transport division using MorTrack and a mortuary services division conducting cremations, embalming and other services.  Users can be assigned to one, many or all locations.  Reporting is robust yet easy to use for on site management and in many cases is collecting automated data about efficiencies and how the location is running.


With enterprise reporting available across networked locations.   C-level stakeholders have access to their own Ad Hoc reporting that doesn't require an IT professional to create visualization of capacity, flow and where to move or assign resources.    

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MorTrack Enterprise Team
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How we work with your teams

At Cairnstack Software, we have worked with some of the largest organization on earth.  We have sat ringside to the internal power struggle triangle between divisions, Information technology and the C-level staff. Each department or organization level has goals, requirements and concerns when considering an new platform. 


MorTrack is designed from the ground up to be end user friendly which keeping the location managers happy.  MorTrack and MorTrack plus collects data C-level stakeholders need to make better decisions,  all while offering the security and disaster prevention protocols that sets the IT department at ease.  

"Change management" cannot be ignored.

The statement "change management" is not a new concept.  Yet, the statement has gained new meaning and importance since the pandemic.  Change is necessary and required to remain relevant. It is not often the actual change is self that is the issue.  It is the emotional shift that causes the anxiety for the mid-level managers and your boots-on-the-ground staff in general.  MorTrack and MorTrack plus take these concerns into consideration at all stages of deployment.  

  • Internal communication strategy = mitigating apprehension risk, maximizing opportunity value

  • How will you potentially identify & transition “doers” to “thinkers”?

  • Ensure we are we able to articulate & communicate your defined, relevant results & meaningful outcomes?

  • External - How will automated "status & document" communication impact partners or customer experiences or expectations?

MorTrack and MorTrack plus offer tactical tools used to create a feedback loop for all levels of your organization as well as:

  • A feedback loop for transformative growth and effectively scaling your best practices.

  • Highlighting high-value unresolved business challenges or opportunities.

  • Offer uncompromised data to draw hypotheses, drive decisions, and enable predictable optimization outcomes.

  • Platform to obtain buy-in from the whole organization, and recognize, address, and resolve change resistance or commitment barriers at all levels.  

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We understand and have empathy for the change management process.  In our experience, Companies often need more help with the emotional side of change than simply implementing a platform to reach for new organizational goals.  Our team of sales and support professionals offer more than just a demonstration of MorTrack.  We can bring new best practices to your organization from our experience in other industries that share your similar goals but work with very different items. 

The best way to learn about MorTrack and MorTrack plus on an enterprise application is to talk to us.  Give us a scope or a goal and we will exceed your expectations.  Its that simple.

Contact us at 720-446-5853 or by continuing with the contact form below.  

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