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The trusted source for human remains tracking for the mortuary and life-sciences industries

Hardware: Printers, Labels, Wristbands and Internet Connected Devices

What is needed for a successful launch?

Desktop or laptop computer for dispatch personnel and administration focused reporting and workflows

Use tablet OR mobile devices for each Removal tech.

Upload your documentation for digitization by the MorTrack support team

For Dispatch personnel:

A desktop or Laptop PC or Mac computer with a persistent internet access AND 8 GB of RAM available above OS requirements.

MorTrack is built with Google Chrome in mind. While you can access the web app via other web browsers, they are not fully supported and may have reduced functionality.

For the best experience, please use Google Chrome.
Click here download it now

MorTrack can be viewed on most common monitors sold within the last 5 years.  The resolution for the best experience would be using a 1366-by-768 (also known as HD) OR 1920-by-1080 (Full HD or 1080p). 1920-by-1080 is the most appropriate for larger organizations with multiple drivers 


Removal personnel:

Depending on your organization and current vehicle set up.  We have found that Drivers with Mobile Tablets with a 7" or larger touchscreen work best.  It allows for the most screen size to see maps, driving directions, decedent information and contact numbers as needed on the move.  

Mobile Tablets:

Drivers can even use their own tablets as the mobile app can be downloaded from the respective operating system store.  (Apple App's or Android's Play store).   

With devices today,  most are already connected to the internet by internal cellular card or by another device as a hot-spot.  Contact your carrier for details on tablet connectivity for details.  

MorTrack is built to use your mobile battery as sparingly as possible.  However to provide location services to dispatch, track mileage and call status the GPS on your device will need to be active on a consistent basis while using the application.  

We are always looking for ways to increase the efficiency of our mobile apps in workflows and power usage.  

Driver's tablet on Mortrack
MorTrack iOS app link
google play store_Mortrack app
Sato ws2 with wristband.png


Printers can be a great addition to the MorTrack application, yet are not required. 


Decedent ID Labels/Tags can be printed in advance, and distributed by your dispatch staff.


Without a printer drivers can print-by-hand on the ankle tag with the decedents ID to associate the tag with the data that can be scanned later in the process. 

With the addition of a mobile printer adds a level of professionalism as well as labeling is easier to read, less time is spent on-site and ensures the name and information is transferred correctly. 

CSS sato wristband softtouch 2 up.png

ID tags and bands:

MorTrack offers 2 different options for ankle tags and QR codes, and we recommend using a combination of the two.


The first option, print on site, allows you to print out a 4”x1” label that includes:

QR code (internal tracking unique identifier)

Decedents name

Date of birth

Date of death

Your company name.


This label is able to be printed out when the decedent New Request form is completed. These are best used when the driver making the pickup of the decedent is present at a central location or office with a printer before they are dispatched to the call. 


The second option, pre-printed ankle tags, are MorTrack's standard vinyl ankle tag with a QR code and 7 character human readable code already printed on the tag, with additional white space to write needed information. These are best used when the driver is assigned to the collection while already out in the field. Using the MorTrack Driver app, the driver will be able to scan the tag on site and attach it to the decedent record. 

A bit more specific information concerning computers, browsers, printers and labels:


For computer use, a PC or non-Apple laptop is recommended if the computer is going to be printing label labels.  Cairnstack Software cannot support Apple Mac devices used for printing as Mac print drivers are not supported by most commercial/industrial label-on-roll style hardware.  It is possible, but requires third party, Apple Mac specific IT involvement and driver configuration.  Please review printing drivers and additional information at the Godex printer website for more info.



MorTrack is built with Google Chrome in mind. While you can access the web app via other web browsers (Safari, Mozilla), they may be not fully supported and can have reduced functionality. Cairnstack Software cannot support Microsoft Edge or Internet Explorer for browser security and non-standard print engine deficiencies.  




When looking for a label printer, we have found that the most cost-effective label printer is a direct thermal or thermal transfer type label-on-roll printer with at least 203 dpi.

Many popular desktop models can be run on automotive adapters to power the printer in a vehicle.  

Printer and Wristbands can be purchased directly from Cairntack Software LLC or by a third party hardware supplier. 



Wristband labels can be manually written or printed by desktop or mobile printer.  

Thanks for learning about MorTrack.  We want your experience to be the best possible.  If you feel our marketing team missed something that they didn't think of that is important to you. Let us know, we'll make it right!   

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