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Let's take a deeper look into your organization 
Whether you manage a funeral home, transport company, morgue, or coroner facility.  MorTrack can provide systems to track your cases while cases are mobile AND while at your facility.   

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Select the current quantity of decedents your organization manages during an average month*.  
Change your life,
grow your business. 


* Contact us for volume pricing.  No long term contracts.

This channel is coming soon!
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What is a Decedent/Unit? 

We found that a cost-per-decedent is a fair metric to adjust to the ebb and flow of your organizational needs and the costs of providing and supporting MorTrack for your organization in a scalable way.   


From under 5 decedents per month to tens of thousands.  We can effectively and accurately track your workloads and still remain cost effective.

What is a location license?

A location license is a logical geographic area where a group of from one to 32 active drivers may be dispatched within a single license of Mortrack with ease.  That area can be as large as the whole country or as small as a single area of a city.  

Organization by location works best when reporting for a entire company but you may have drivers in different States or Regions. 


For example: if your organization covers both Florida and Arkansas.  The map visualizations become difficult to manage when spread out over such a large geographic area. 


However a nationwide transport company may only need one license and they can view drivers across the entire North American continent.  

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What's included 

  • FREE Online and Webinar Training is INCLUDED!  If MorTrack isn't easy to use. Then we'll make it right!

  • FREE platform updates with regular roll-out schedules

  • FREE online technical & trouble ticket support through the account platform (web chat and telephone access)  Try it now if you are curious

    Here's the direct support line (720) 446-5863.

  • FREE access to a variety of common task “How To Videos and Tutorials”.

  • FREE API connections to call centers,  such as; Funeral Call, ASFS, Generous, ASD and more!

What we sometimes charge for:

  • On-site training - We love to travel but it costs us money so we have to charge for economy travel.

  • Special workflow or software development -Don't worry, we customize workflows all of the time.

  • Accounting integrations - Because accountants want things done their way.  

  • Third party business software applications.  We have an RESTful API we can share! Let us know what you want to do and we can customize the API for your needs.   

MorTrack scales as you grow!

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