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We understand that transporting decedents is most likely not your only job.  There is a lot that needs to happen in a day-in-the-life of a transport company. Fighting with paperwork or clunky spreadsheets while on the road isn't safe for you, your employees and the clients.    

MorTrack is built to manage the time consuming aspects of your transport workflows with the MorTrack Mobile app.  Have the right information when and where you need it. 

A desire to grow requires more than just a sales pitch.  Real growth comes when you can offer clients daily first hand knowledge that you have capacity to grow while offering a consistent experience. 

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What is the cost of losing personal effects?

Collecting personal effects with the decedent is common practice,  However even if you are on your own, or a contractor for a larger company.  The buck stops with you. 

If there is no documentation, then you are the guilty party unless you have real proof. That is difficult to be consistent when you have so much else to manage.

Easily catalogue what you are collecting, and add photos for proof and reduced liability with great documentation you control and even send to your clients automatically. 

Spend less time writing. See more time being available for growth opportunities

Less time writing = Less time on-site

We have all been there.  The decedent is ready to go, yet the family is watching you complete paperwork.  In that time, the simple exposure to nervous questions from the family about their loved one or simple requests always start with some statement like, "Oh, since you are here, Can you move this...". 


Your time is important, let us help to keep you and your team focused on what is important.

Automatic mileage recording

Whether you charge by the mile, account for mileage by unit, or don't know what to charge.   Having a good mileage record is great for understanding your annual vehicle costs and even better when it comes to tax season.   


Drivers automatically record miles driven from pickup to the drop-off location without having to look at the odometer once. No more relying on your drivers to enter the information on each case.  With the mobile and tablet app. Mortrack records unit transfers from start to finish, and also makes room for vehicle checklists, fuel fill-ups, and a single place to store maintenance receipts too.  


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How to get started with MorTrack  
Let's Talk,  No pressure 
(720) 446-5853 

What's included 

  • FREE Online and Webinar Training is INCLUDED!  If MorTrack isn't easy to use. Then we'll make it right!

  • FREE platform updates with regular roll-out schedules

  • FREE online technical & trouble ticket support through the account platform (web chat and telephone access)  Try it now if you are curious

    Here's the direct support line (720) 446-5863.

  • FREE access to a variety of common task “How To Videos and Tutorials”.

  • FREE API connections to call centers,  such as; Funeral Call, ASFS, Generous, ASD and more!

What we sometimes charge for:

  • On-site training - We love to travel but it costs us money so we have to charge for economy travel.

  • Special workflow or software development -Don't worry, we customize workflows all of the time.

  • Accounting integrations - Because accountants want things done their way.  

  • Third party business software applications.  We have an RESTful API we can share! Let us know what you want to do and we can customize the API for your needs.   

When you are the team!

Average case load of 1 to 50 Decedents Per Month

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