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With an average of 5-16 decedents per day, In most states you are generating 5 documents per decedent. That means that you are filling out and then storing on average 4 reams of paper per month. 


Scaling an organization requires the ability to trim excess and inefficiencies at all steps along the process.  Saving time writing is only the beginning.  Document storage, archival and then retrieval all take administrative time that is often not accounted for. 

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Systemize then prioritize

Create your own priority levels with color codes to ensure what is important is noticed and managed appropriately.


Centralized dispatchers an advantage, they can see all the cases in motion - on one screen.  Dispatchers can show drivers pickups and deliveries based on what is good for the company on a higher level. Too often drivers base their next case on what is easiest to them, not what is most logical for the organization.

Driver Management

 MorTrack makes it possible to accurately compensate drivers by actual time on the clock, by units, and/or by mileage. Each driver's vehicle can have a maximum capacity setting entered, ensuring that your dispatchers have the information needed to make the right call in choosing which drivers have availability and can make a pick up.

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Consistency in Documentation

Handwriting is difficult to read.  Specially for OCR software or most employees born after 1990. 

Hiring employees is easier to find a match with the level of empathy and thoughtfulness required to keep your brand promise, then hiring for their handwriting skills. 


Documentation is the single largest resource hog in any organization.  By using the electronic devices that just about everyone has in their pocket already - MorTrack can provide a quick way to complete, then get approval for and archive signed documents all at one time. 

How do you bill for your services?

Who to do business with is a choice.  Most of the time this choice comes down to what sets them apart from their competition and who you bill for your services.


With variable options that include;

  • Miles from a central point

  • Included mileage then a charge for overage

  • Hourly rate

  • Case flat charge or

  • Contracted load per time period

All are valid and come with their own complications.  With MorTrack you have the ability to set your billing by Entity.  



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Invoice differently by Entity
At this point, The best use of your time would be to get on a call with us to discuss your flow and what makes sense for your organization

Give us a call @ 720-446-5853


If you know what you need and we appear to be a great fit,  That's fantastic!  Click the link below to get your trial started.   

What's included 

  • FREE Online and Webinar Training is INCLUDED!  If MorTrack isn't easy to use. Then we'll make it right!

  • FREE platform updates with regular roll-out schedules

  • FREE online technical & trouble ticket support through the account platform (web chat and telephone access)  Try it now if you are curious

    Here's the direct support line (720) 446-5863.

  • FREE access to a variety of common task “How To Videos and Tutorials”.

  • FREE API connections to call centers,  such as; Funeral Call, ASFS, Generous, ASD and more!

What we sometimes charge for:

  • On-site training - We love to travel but it costs us money so we have to charge for economy travel.

  • Special workflow or software development -Don't worry, we customize workflows all of the time.

  • Accounting integrations - Because accountants want things done their way.  

  • Third party business software applications.  We have an RESTful API we can share! Let us know what you want to do and we can customize the API for your needs.   

Decedent pricing is subject to actual units added to your license on a monthly basis. We bill on actual flow, not averages. Decedents are only charged one time per physical state.  Meaning once a decedent is cremated or otherwise converted into their final form for transport.  An additional "case/unit" charge is due for urns or other mediums being tracked for custody tracking and transport.  

"By prioritizing calls from our central location has saved us thousands of dollars in fuel and payroll. 

Not to mention the positive feedback we have received from our clients as to our availability to be there when they need us."

- W.A. Austin 

Growth Mode!

Average case load of 51 - 500 Decedent / Units per Month

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