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  • Reid Hanson

“Best In Show” Award at CEDIA

CEDIA’s Best in Show Award

We are very excited to announce the CEDIA 2015 best in show award recipient by NewBay Media’s Residential Systems and TWICE.  The 2015 Best of Show Awards for CEDIA 2015, honoring outstanding products exhibited at the show. Manufacturers submitted products for nomination prior to arriving in Dallas, then a panel of anonymous professional integrator and journalist judges evaluated the entries based on written submissions and visual inspections on CEDIA show floor. A CEDIA exhibiting manufacturer could nominate its product for either Residential Systems or TWICE, or both.

It is a great honor to be noted as we look at CEDIA as a coming home of sorts, back to the consumer electronics installation industry.  It is where we are from and know that the tools developed will help the AV industry for years to come.  Thanks CEDIA for a great show and look out next year.  More excitement to come.

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