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Inventory Management Technique: Inventory Labeling

Inventory Labeling

What is Inventory Labeling?

Inventory Labeling

Here are few additional benefits of using inventory labels:

  1. Increases accuracy and reduces errors

  2. Reduces the number of lost items

  3. Decreases costs

  4. Increases efficiency and on-time deliveries by allowing employees to easily locate items

  5. Increases employee productivity

  6. Allows for traceability of each individual inventory item or asset

  7. Provides the ability to customize labels with names and add notes 

  8. Eases cycle counts

How Does Inventory Labeling Work?

Inventory labeling is simple. You simply scan a label, which eliminates time consuming manual data entry, allowing you and your staff to work quickly. Each inventory label needs to contain required interface information, including accurate barcode and live QR Codes, to properly track each item through its entire lifecycle. Labeling is an inventory best practice – Walmart and Amazon  require a label on every item they sell.

Inventory Labeling: simple, small and scannable.

Labels can be any size, and we realize that some sizes work better than others, depending on your business’s size and scope. TRXio supports standard label sizing or can work with your custom label requirements. Here are a few additional features of TRXio’s inventory labels.

  1. Comes in a variety of sizes, which allows you to easily print, attach and scan.

  2. Creates serialized labels quickly and efficiently.

  3. Uses the browser’s printing engine to minimize the need for expensive hardware.

  4. Works with standard label printers from most manufacturers.

  5. Can integrate with your existing product labeling system

For more information on inventory labeling, or standard identification, please contact TRXio at 844-868-7225.

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