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Seven Crucial Inventory Control Reports

Inventory Reports

Seven Crucial Inventory Control Reports

Here are seven crucial inventory control reports that are crucial to your business’s success:

  1. Inventory Min/Max Report – shows the quantity of each product at one or all locations. The report will also show the minimum and maximum numbers for those products. Some inventory management systems, including TRXio, will send daily e-mail alerts to alert you when to reorder items.

  2. Daily Item Movement Report – allows you to view inventory movement on a particular day.

  3. Product at Destination Report – shows all the products that have been sent to each external destination during a designated span of time.

  4. Trace Report – provides information on any item’s last location during a span of time.

  5. Inventory by Location Report- shows all the products currently at an internal location.

  6. Verified Inventory Report – provides the history of verified inventory from any audits that have been performed, including the date the audit was completed on, the location of the audit, who performed the audit, and how many items were expected and verified.

  7. Lost Items Report – this data will reveal any items that have been marked as “lost.”

Effective, real-time reporting provides immediate and accurate answers. TRXio offers the ability to generate numerous inventory control reports, which are designed to make your inventory management process more effective. For more information on TRXio, or for instructions on how to implement inventory control reports, please contact us at 844-868-7225.

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