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TRXio Inventory Flowchart

Inventory Flowchart

We have a saying at TRXio, mostly it’s an inside joke, “Words are hard!” Getting past the oh’s and so’s and um’s are challenging when you’re trying to explain how an inventory management software platform works. That’s why we made this inventory flowchart pictograph! In this pictograph, we outline workflows that are easy to adopt using TRXio.

So, the green lines show receiving a product and transferring it straight to a customer which really is the basics of how TRXio works. For those with a larger company, the blue lines show receiving a product and storing it in a warehouse and then transferring it to a customer. This made things clear as mud, right?

Call us at 1-844-To-Track (1-844-868-7225) for more information, or click on the button below to request a free demo. We like to show-off how easy your inventory management can be!

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