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What do I need to get started?

Mortrack Users
MorTrack collection vehicle

Take a minute to collect some basic information as we will ask for this information in the next steps:

Your internal company information:

Have a list of manager and removal tech's email addresses to create their login credentials.  

Initial list of your vehicles - Vehicle type, decedent capacity, license plate ID.

Your customer (Representing Entity) information:

At least one Representing Entity (company) whom you represent that are issued an invoice for the transport services you provide. 

If you would like to start a trial without any assistance. CLICK ABOVE

MorTrack is easy to use.  However, "how" your trial is configured can be your key to success.  

Have a large list or don't want to make time to do data entry on a trial? 


Let us know, We can save you time by entering the information for you. NO CHARGE!  

NO cost trial:  Within the first 14 days of your trial we will be reaching out to you by phone and email to answer any questions and offer our assistance with your company setup data entry, special forms or settings

After your trial period has expired.  Feel free continue to use MorTrack, there is no monthly licensing fee.  Only a case fee of $6.00/decedent.

This is with no conversation, and no interactions with our staff to offer discounts for volume.


Have a larger organization or want volume discounts on caseloads over 100 cases per month? 

For $89/month plus case fees, organizations can benefit from a blended per case fees as low as $1.45/case.



How billing works:

Case fees are tallied at the end of each calendar month.  You will receive an invoice for the monthly license plus the decedent fees at the start of the following month.  MorTrack will charge your preferred payment method of payment automatically, on or around the 10th of each month.  Please review our terms of service HERE.

Believe it or not.  We are people too.  MorTrack isn't just a sterile website with nobody behind the scenes.  We are software developers, process engineers and a robust support team who are passionate about offering life changing software applications to companies around the world.


There's "no contract" to sign.  Our success depends on your success.  It's in our best interest to make sure your organization is successful through our business together.  Meaning if you are struggling or don't understand how MorTrack works... Don't struggle.  Contact us for unlimited support. 


Lean on us for your success! 

If we can get on a call or zoom screen share, our amazing staff will assist you by:

1. Offering free data entry from spreadsheets.

2. Get your organization set up quickly and show how MorTrack can provide the best work flow with your existing processes.

3. We include training by user level and process when needed.  This ensures each member of your team has the knowledge to use all the features and maximize your investment.   

4. Our team can extend your trial into an extended proof of concept.  Or offer a no-cost trial. 


See the theme here?  We simply want a few minutes of your time to ensure we are a good fit for your organization.  

Call us for more information and get your trial started @ 720-446-5853

* Trial Pricing offered is assuming no understanding of your organizational usage.  Any pricing is subject to actual units added to your license on a monthly basis. We bill on actual caseload, not averages. Decedents are only charged one time per physical state.  Meaning once a decedent is cremated or otherwise converted into their final form for transport.  An additional "case/unit" charge is due for urns or other mediums being tracked for custody tracking and transport.  

Let's make sure we are on the same page:

At Cairnstack, we are human and we are experts in data organization and workflow conversions and process tracking.  However some things to understand;

  1. MorTrack looks at decedents similar to our other products we track and monitor. Every case, item and product is important to us. Our focus is on how and why your organization makes decisions. Not the meaning behind an actual item being managed.

  2. We take steps to ensure we protect your businesses integrity and your customers data ensuring you have accurate information on hand, when you need it.

  3. We don't delete or average individually collected data. Deleting records is bad practice for all industries.  Cases, units or item specific information, notes, photos and documents can be amended but not deleted.  This is by design - It protects you and your clients.  

  4. Your costs can be averaged on limited reporting but if you need averages, look to your accounting system, or CRM tool for that information.  We feel accuracy is key.  

MorTrack business owner

What's included 

  • FREE Online and Webinar Training is INCLUDED!  If MorTrack isn't easy to use. Then we'll make it right!

  • FREE platform updates with regular roll-out schedules.

  • FREE online technical & trouble ticket support through the account platform (web chat and telephone access)  Try it now if you are curious.

    Here's the direct support line (720) 446-5863.

  • FREE access to a variety of common task “How To Videos and Tutorials”.

  • FREE API connections to call centers,  such as; Funeral Call, ASFS, Generous, ASD and more!

What we sometimes charge for:

  • On-site training - We love to travel but it costs us money so we have to charge for economy travel.

  • Special workflow or software development -Don't worry, we customize workflows all of the time.

  • Accounting integrations - Because accountants want things done their way.  

  • Third party business software applications.  We have an RESTful API we can share! Let us know what you want to do and we can customize the API for your needs.   

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