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About Us

MorTrack is the number one software provider of tracking and tracing software for the funeral industry.  We automate time-consuming business processes, reinforcing your brand and allow you the peace of mind knowing your operations are efficient and effective.

The Team

The Cairnstack team is a group dedicated to transforming your business processes and strategies.   And when we're not working, we're still having fun. 

Team photos of our people doing something fun

Our Mission

Cairnstack is a leading web-based inventory tracking and tracing software development company that is exceptionally efficient at processing, inventory management, and customer service and communications in a single interface that integrates with over (how many?) 100’s of applications.  (State your mission) Our mission is to build the best tracking software that helps you create a memorable customer experience and allows you to focus your time on what matters most.

Cairnstack's comprehensive platform provides web-based and scalable software solutions including full traceability, powerful reporting, for business of all sizes in a multitude of industries.  Our focus is on tracking and tracing, with options to accommodate your unique workflow.  Whether it’s tracking AV equipment, cases of produce, or a loved one who has just passed away, we offer easy-to-navigate interactive software, and give your organization functionality in areas most needed when it comes to tracking and tracing.

​We started Cairnstack (do you want a date here so they know you’ve been in business for a number of years?)  based on an obsession with automating processes and tracking inventory. Today, our clients manage and track over $27 billion in assets and inventory using our software.

Clients come from multiple industries with varying inventory and tracking needs. From the start-ups to the mega enterprises and everyone in between. When you need to be certain about your inventory, we're here to help.

Cairnstack is proud to be affiliated with organizations that reflect our commitment to customer service, process accountability and best practices, no matter what the industry.

More Than Just a QR Code

The great thing about QR codes is that managing them is quite simple if you use the right technology from the start.  The integration of a QR code with your current software is simple.  You can manage and track dynamically through multiple software platforms with one single QR code. Integrated via API....(Reid I do not know the technical ease here)

Solutions - Not Products

The Story Behind the Name

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