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MorTrack is designed to work as a standalone application

or be part of a larger software ecosystem

There is a "Right way",

the "Wrong way",

and "Our way"

 - Unknown

Let MorTrack enhance "your company's way" by streamlining your workflows.  

Designed from the ground up to separate you from your competition by taking the workflows you already use and add best in class logistics management and tracking functionality.  By utilizing a stand-alone and fully functioning (out-of-the-box) system. Your organization can safely add the MorTrack functionality to your workflows and existing CRM, Accounting & Front office systems.  

Integrations can be as complicated as getting your family together for dinner.  The question, "What do you want for dinner?" Is often is answered by receiving questions in return than people involved.  

The response from each person is based on some known and other unknown factors. 

Software integration is no different.

From accounting and management requirements,  to the day-to-day usability in the field.  Each team will have unique needs and the interactions with any software application will change based upon those needs and their importance.  

We work with your teams to ensure we are integrating for the right reasons, with the most usable information.

Automate call center flows directly into assignable cases.

Convert phone calls to actionable cases in one step

Add value to your customers in their greatest time of need.

Offer memorial and tribute information far sooner than previously available.  

Deathcare  Peer support access for employees and employers.

Complete the loop by sending completed work to be invoiced through QuickBooks Desktop or Online.

Track internal inventory & assets at any scale.  Know what you have, and where its at - With TRXio.

Need something custom or don't see your favorites here?  Contact us to see what is possible.

Integration Partners & Alliances

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